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Tips and Tricks

for a great photo


What is a great photo?

A great photo is one where you can clearly see the eyes, the fur color and shading is detailed and the lighting isn't distorted or over exposed. The pet is in a sweet position, the tongue isn't hanging wildly and the viewer is eye level with the subject. Head and shoulders are ideal for great detailed work.


In some cases the pet has sadly passed, in this situation I will do my best to recreate your memory. 

Getting a great photo can be tricky. Be patient.

Photo No No's!

The better the photo, the better the portrait.


Nothing is worse for a portrait artist when they receive photos where they can barely see the eyes or even just blobs of fur. I am not a wizard and I can't put them in different posses.



#1 The kitty is too far away and a flash has been used over-exposing the colors. When you crop an image from far away, it loses its resolution making it difficult to see details.

#2 Fun photo but it was taken at night and when you move close in, again it begins to pixelate.

#3 Photo is extremely dark and difficult to see the true coloring.

#4 Cute pose, but animals with curly hair really need to be clear to see the way the hair moves.


  1. Take all photos in natural light, by a window is great. Don't use the flash!!

  2. Get eye level. Use a favorite treat to keep their interest.

  3. Try taking the photo when they are rested. Tired pets drool and usually have their tongues out too far.

  4. Lastly, give yourselves a treat. You have both earned it!! 


Now What?

Let's send it...

Congratulations! You have weathered the obstacles of getting a great photo. Now it's time to send your photos. Here's how:

From your smart phone, pull up your photo and click the bottom left share icon (pic 1). It will ask you where you would like to send your photo (pic 2). You can choose to text, email or message me through Facebook. Send the ACTUAL SIZE (pic 3)!

Never crop or edit your photo.

Email is preferred so the image will be at its highest image size.

And voila! 

Backgrounds and Extras

As far as backgrounds are concerned, don't worry too much. I am not concerned whether your house is cluttered or where the location is. That can be eliminated. The most important thing is the subject itself and the details. Most backgrounds will be complimentary to the coloring of your pet in a gradient pattern or the "bokeh" effect with out-of-focus circles.  

Adding Extras?

One of my most favorite things is adding flower crowns or hats. If that's something your interested in, let's chat! 

NOTE: Prices for more than one pet will be extra.

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